Patty Griffin – El Pedregal, AZ

The second show of the Children Running Through tour had Patty playing a small venue in North Scottsdale, under the promotion of the Cave Creek Coffee Company, famed for bringing great names to the valley.

Terremoto played a rollicking 1/2 hour set, their “first one” on the tour. Patty came out shortly after, staring with the Sam Cooke song, Get Yourself Another Fool. She went right into Stay On The Ride then said, “It’s nice to be here. It’s a beautiful place, my… I do love a desert and we’re in the middle of one. This is a song I wrote when I was thinking about my first circus when I was under five, and the ringmaster and the elephants and the trapeze artist, and I was thinking about her.”

Trapeze and then Useless Desires before thanking us again and then asking, “How many people are resort goers? Not many… oh my god, you’re all from away. I guess the resort goers don’t go to these shows. (Someone made a comment about resorts) Shhh, we won’t say that… Those are big golf courses. Who’s from Phoenix? Scottsdale? Tempe? Have I covered Arizona? Cave Creek? It (Arizona) just never ends up on my travel list, I go straight to LA. I love the southwest. I really love it. My booking agent looks at me – red hair, white skin, and thinks I’m gonna melt. This song was written about this time last year, and I realized that I wrote my first love song, and it was for my dog.” She played Heavenly Day.

She went over to her piano and her skirt was sticking to her, she said, “Got a little static cling over here, any one have any suggestions to get rid of it?” Someone suggested hairspray and she replied, “How come everything good for cosmetics is bad for the environment?” before playing Burgundy Shoes then Kite Song.

She got back to her guitar and said, “Nice night, man, this is the life” and playing Be Careful. She laughed, “I don’t usually stick to the set list, but I have all night, but I’ve got Doug confused. Let me introduce the band, this confused guy, Doug, on drums, Michael Longoria, to my left, Frank, back there, Bryn Davies, she can play just about everything in the kitchen sink, you give it to her, she can play it.”

She played When It Don’t Come Easy then a rocking version of No Bad News, right into I Don’t Ever Give Up, Love Throw and Up To The Mountain. She said, “Well, I gotta get back to Arizona more often, you’re a good bunch. I was in Tucson last night, great place. I like this time of year, being in the desert, like the ocean, it’s majestic and makes you feel (held her fingers close together) this big, that’s a good thing.” She played Top Of The World and said, “Thanks for

making my job so great.”

She came back out for the encore, and said, “My brother says I mumble so thanks for making all the sleeping in hotels, crappy food, thank you guys for making it all worth it.” She did Let Him Fly and said “I sure had a really fun time, we’ll come back soon. See your faces again.”

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