Patty Griffin – Denver Botanical Gardens, CO

The final installment of the Epic Patty Adventure, a show at the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Denver. Nice grassy area for sitting, plus the joys of watching people enjoy full meals with wine on their portable tables. It’s quite a riot.

The show started with hours of sitting in line, almost four of them. We all made the mad dash for the front and snagged a highly coveted just off center spot in the front. Scott Miller played his set, including a lot of laughs from the crowd as he went on his “I hate babies” monologue, especially because a large number of young children were present.

Patty came on, down the four-inch cement pathway flanked by the band. She started with Get Yourself Another Fool and then Stay On The Ride. She said it was “nice to be here in Denver at the botanical gardens. We’ve done a tour of zoos and now botanic gardens. My name’s Patty Griffin for those of you who just came in for the evening. We’re gonna play a little song about a trapeze artist.”

After Trapeze she went right into Useless Desires.

She turned around after the song to look at the audience behind her and said, “You guys got quite a view back there? How’s it going back there on the hill?” She said she had been accused of “too many sad songs” and that it must be the “Irish-French in me.” A friend had told her that she had no sad (she meant happy) songs at all so she thought, “I’d get on that project.”

She talked about Burgundy Shoes and her childhood in Maine and that it was “something we could relate to here in Denver” with the big red boots you’d have to wear until “Mom said it was cool and the mud wouldn’t ruin your shoes.” So this was “a song about my mom, and shoes, one of my favorite subjects.”

She got up from the piano as the band left and she said, “This is the part where they abandon me to my own devices.” She told the story about Billy Joe Shaver and played Live Forever.

She then started saying how she’d “been out since January
non-stop and I can’t believe it’s almost August” and that her and Roy Taylor had been talking about summer songs and she had decided to play one and he suggested this one. She said it was a new one and that it was inspired by a PBS documentary on the Amazon warrior women and how they’d found a genetic link to them with DNA testing and all. She played a ROCKING version of Riding With The Amazons (only the third time ever, live). Afterwards she played Long Ride Home with Michael, “he’s good!”

She said they’d “like to soften it up a little” and someone yelled “We love you Patty!”. She laughed and said “thank you, that’s nice. I haven’t been to Denver for about four years, it’s a pretty city and it’s nice to be back. Here’s a pretty one for you.”

She sang Be Careful substituting “pretty girls the Denver night”. She introduced the band, “I’m gonna tell you who all these wonderful musicians are” and she introduced Doug as the “Guy in the Brown shirt.”

They went into When It Don’t Come Easy and as No Bad News started, a flood of people rushed the stage to dance. The next songs, Love Throw, Heavenly Day went by and she said that she “loved the dancing”.

She did I Don’t Ever Give Up and brought Doug back out to do “an appropriately titled” Up To The Mountain.
She said it was a “pleasure and a treat to come out and play, we’re gonna get out of your hair, we’ll see you out there later” before playing Truth #2.

For the encores she said that since it had been awhile since they had been here, they “hadn’t worn this one out yet” and played Let Him Fly with Doug and then said, “We’ve got a curfew to respect, thank you and thanks for dancing!” They played Getting Ready waved goodbye and the Epic Patty Adventure drew to a close.

More pictures

Videos of Riding with the Amazons

and Live Forever

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