Patty Griffin – Chautauqua Auditorium, CO

Part Three of the Epic Patty Adventure, we wearily arrived in Denver hours before the show (after driving from Aspen), headed to Boulder and saw one of the most amazing performances, and as far as sound is concerned, the best show of the four nights.

Scott Miller opened, this time to a pretty full crowd which had to be an improvement over the 15 he had played for in Aspen.

He really gets better every time, an opener not to be missed or if he comes through your city as a headliner, by all means go see him. He’s funny, and kinda cute.

Being one of the nicest men I’ve ever encountered at a concert, he even gave the Sharpie I let him have at the signing booth back after the Patty portion of the show.

Patty came out in a green-ish print dress, and immediately went into

Get Yourself Another Fool

Stay On The Ride

She said it was “good to be back in Boulder, such a beautiful place, thanks for comin’ out. I got a little song about a trapeze artist I’d like to sing, it’s called Trapeze.”


Useless Desires

She commented on the barn like atmosphere of the venue, “Wow, what a great little spot you guys have here, so nice to see you all, we were hanging outside at Chautauqua all day, getting really mellow and cool.” She said, “I have a brother that tells me this is not a happy song, but it’s happy to me.” She decided to herself afterward that, “that was pretty happy.”

Burgundy Shoes

Back to the guitars, she asked if there were any Texans in the crowd, to which she received many hoots and hollers.

Someone also said that the were from Saskatchewan and she laughed saying, “Give him a hand, he drove eighteen hours!” She laughed and said, “There are always Texans”. She talked about how she was originally from Maine, a “Maine-iac” and that Maine was the kind of place that unless you were born there, people would never really consider you a “Maine-iac” even if you have lived there for 90 years, but in Texas, after about a year of living there, they take you in and you become a Texan. Since she has been in Texas for ten years, she must be both a “Maine-iac” and a Texan.

She introduced Live Forever as a Billy Joe Shaver song, being another Texan who had been in a lot of trouble.

Sweet Lorraine was the next song in her solo set, then she started messing with her guitar saying, “Hmm, let’s see if I can remember this one, how does that go after all? Some times they don’t want me to play them, they go, ‘Nope'”. She played Backwater Blues and then said, “that’s an old Bessie Smith song there, about a flood.”

She told a story about how Bessie Smith was playing somewhere and they requested a song about a flood and she didn’t have one so she wrote that one. She said, “We had a song about a very rough life, and a flood. How about a funeral song with a good beat?” and launched into Long Ride Home.

She said, “I guess now you’ve earned a pretty song, so I’m gonna do a pretty song. How’s everyone doing out there? You’re so polite!” She sang Be Careful with Doug and then brought out the band and introduced us to all of the great musicians. When she was introducing Frank she sang “he’s been everywhere, man.”

When It Don’t Come Easy was next, followed with No Bad News and Love Throws A Line.

Afterwards, she said, “that was fun. Anybody else smell that skunk? I think it was a real one! It’s confusing here in these musical parts. I have my pups out running around, I hope they don’t get sprayed, they’d have to run along side the bus. I don’t know what we’d do if they got sprayed out there. They’d probably fly and I’d ride the bus.”

She played, Heavenly Day and I Don’t Ever Give Up.

She gave Doug a hard time as he was choosing guitars for the next song, saying “Doug and I are gonna do this, just the two of us, if he can just get a guitar that you [Doug] likes over there, you’re jumping the gun, no, no, no.” She asked how long she had been on a mountain, and then sang Up To The Mountain.

She said, “I certainly have been up to the mountain quite literally and getting to like it. You can’t get much flatter than Maine. I’ve had trouble breathing. We took the 505 from Durango, in the bus and you like, look over the side and there’s a drop. Scary. I thought, ‘When I have bad dreams, this will be a part of it, but it’s real and I’m really here.”

She said she loved her job and that she was a little scared to try it on her own. She made another comment on how beautiful the venue was and the chided herself, “Damn, I keep saying that, but it’s true!”

She played Mother Of God on the piano and then as she was getting back over to her guitars, someone asked what the song “Goodbye” was about and she went off on him, putting him back into his place saying, “This is not a Q&A man, I wish I had time to go into it, but we’re not going to get into it, not in this room full of people. Ask me later, better yet, write me a letter. Thanks for your interest.”

Afterward she went into Nobody’s Crying. She said, “We’re gonna leave you with a rocker” and played Getting Ready. Final bows, and thank you, thanks for letting us come back to Boulder.

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