Patty Griffin – Boulder Theater, CO

The second night of a two-night stand at the lovely Boulder Theater found approximately 800 Patty Griffin fans ignoring the dreary weather outside, captivated by a striking variety of styles and sounds.

Terremoto opened, bringing the crowd to their feet dancing towards the end of their set. Michael and Luis were both hanging out in the lobby afterward, signing CDs, talking to fans, hanging out.

Patty came on, went straight to the piano and into J’irai La Voir Un Jour, quickly saying hello. She wore a long black dress, and peep-toe heels.

She said “it’s so great to be back at the Boulder Theater, another night. Great to see you on a Friday night, this is a Sam Cooke song for you.”

She sang a soulful rendition of Get Yourself Another Fool before launching right into Stay On The Ride.

She said, “Oh man, thank you. I put this record out a little over a month ago, called ‘Children Running Through’. That was from that,” then she introduced Trapeze, “this next song was inspired by seeing the trapeze artists when I was about four or five years old at the Shriner’s circus in Bangor, Maine. The big town of Bangor.”

She played Useless Desires and laughed that she was kinda “getting off on this altitude. Does it stay like this all the time, or do you guys get kinda, whoo? How are you guys doing up there? How about up there?”

She talked about the challenge she had gotten from Craig Ross to write a happy song and said, “Not that mine are depressing, but there are other things to write about, so I went home and took a shot at it, this is called, Burgundy Shoes.”

She played Kite Song on the piano as well and got back to her guitars. She had to retest the

mic, saying, “Hello, hello? Let’s see, hmm, don’t confuse me (as she played with her capo) ok, I just had it, I don’t usually do requests by someone put this one in early.”

She played Forgiveness and then Cold As It Gets alone, just her the the guitar to a stone-silence audience. Dougie snuck back out and they played Be Careful.

She introduced the band, saying, “Let me introduce these wonderful people up here. It’s ok, you guys can come out (she motioned to the band who filed out) Doug Lancio, who’s been hanging out with me for years, I don’t under stand my luck.” Bryn Davies back there, “I can never have too much bass personally”, Frank.

And then finally Michael. They did When It Don’t Come Easy complete with lots of trademark leg-kicks and then right into No Bad News which not only got the crowd up on their feet but was one of the most rollicking versions of this tour.

They did Love Throw keeping the momentum and said, “Thanks a lot, it’s so nice to be here. We’ve been so lucky we got here two nights ago so we got to hang out the night before last and hang out yesterday and did a show and hang out today. I got a great job, thank you guys for making it possible. This is my first love song, it’s about my dog (Beanie), because she really deserves a love song, she’s awesome.”

She played Heavenly Day and then swapped guitars, commenting that it was “really outta tune” before I Don’t Ever Give Up.

She said, “We’re gonna do this song now that I was inspired to write after watching a MLK documentary a few years back. It was this clip of his ‘Up To The Mountain‘ speech, his last one, the last speech he made in Memphis. Anyway…”

She sang the song and then said, “I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’ve got a great job and you guys make it happen. It’s humbling to see all your faces and you guys and to get to see all these beautiful places. Thanks to Terremoto, I’ll see you all next time, but I’ll leave you with this.” She played Truth #2 and then left the stage.

For the encore, she came back out, saying, “Shucks! You people are so nice! This is Bruce (motion to white-haired cool guy) I always go ‘Bruce, don’t bring me down, Br-uuuu-ce’… you know that song (ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’).”

She played Sweet Lorraine and then said, “There’s no way we could not do this song,” and played Rain. She said, “Thank you Boulder, thanks so much, oh my goodness what a great time, I really had a blast. At a most relaxing time, the blossoms and rain, it’s a lovely city. We’ll leave you with this rocker, rock you all the way home with this one.”

They played a superb version of Getting Ready and left the stage.

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