Old Crow Medicine Show – Celebrity Theater, AZ

Old Crow Medicine Show

First time ever in Phoenix, and they did a rocking good show. The crowd could use a refresher in etiquette but otherwise most of them seemed to know several songs and thank goodness, critical mass was reached and eventually people got up to dance.
They started a good fifteen minutes late and when they did show up, it was noted that it was a very classy entrance to the stage.

First song was something to the effect of having no bridges left to burn.
Second song something I didn’t recognize.
Down Home Girl
Discussion of this being the first time in Phoenix and they didn’t know why they waited because it was a lovely city
Let It Alone
Banter about playing in Yuma and the highways
My Good Gal
During the song a mic dropped and there was note of them not knowing there were technical difficulties.
Hard To Tell
Banter about Nashville and it being a pleasure to be in the wild, wild west and a brand new song they had been tooling with in the back of the bus and out by the dumpsters.
Down South Blues
Set break, they left and came back about 20 minutes later
Are You From Dixie?
Big Time In The Jungle
Minglewood Blues
CC Rider
Crazy Eyes
Hillbilly time was announced
Fall On My Knees
Wagon Wheel
It was during Wagon Wheel that everyone finally got up, and this was duly noted
Tell It To Me
Fire On The Mountain
Union Maid
Band Intros and Tell it To Me Reprise
They debated going off stage for an encore, but instead just waited awhile saying that this was the part where they’re usually backstage waiting for y’all to scream loud
Mother Earth

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