Neko Case – Rialto Theater, AZ

Neko Case

This show was incredible. Amazing. Absurdly fun. I’m not sure one should be allowed to have so much fun.

Mariachi bands and politics just added another layer of wonderfulness to the whole thing.

And of course, Neko was wonderful.

The fact that the Mariachi band was made up of high schoolers was incredible. And they had dancers come out for a few songs and were over-all phenomenal.

Salvador Duran also did a set, focusing attention on the reason for the benefit in the first place.

Right away when they hit the stage, they went into

Things That Scare Me

Neko thanked everyone for supporting the No Mas Muertes campaign for which the show was a benefit. She said “don’t forget to go to the Nick Luca benefit” which was the next night, and that it’s “kinda a benefit-y time of year, so go on out there.”

That Teenage Feeling

If You Knew

Neko Case

Neko took some time to say “there are so many special chords I can’t remember them” and that it was “weird to see my actual band” because she had been on tour for two months with the New Pornographers and she sees Jon with the white hair and red phone saying “A show. Right away.” There was some banter of AARP shirts and U-Boats made from pine at which Jon suggested that there had been “enough of Popular Mechanics.”

Margaret Vs. Pauline

There were some guitar issues, apparently Neko had stepped on her distortion pedal. Some shouts from the audience caused Kelly to say “Let it all out. It’s important to let it out.” and then “That was good,” to which Neko said, “Twas.”
Kelly announced that it would the the “animal two-fer” and that it “should be a three-fer because it’s Thursday.” Neko agreed that it should if it were a classic rock station.

Tigers Have Spoken

Maybe Sparrow

Set Out Running

Neko said that she was “used to screaming at the top of my lungs,” and Paul jested “that’s just when you’re talking to us.” This digressed to talking about seersucker pants to which Kelly commented about the one zipper and Neko joked that it was “a big, giant, easy-reader zipper,” in keeping with the AARP theme of the night.

Deep Red Bells

During this little break as guitar were tuned and swapped Jon and Kelly looked at each other and decided they had nothing to say but, “I got nothing.”

Dirty Knife

I Wish I Was The Moon

Neko said, “this is a love song, a love song for you Jon.”

Buckets of Rain

Neko Case

Neko made some high pitched noises and said “I can’t make any noise come out” and then”many people have made their career on just that sound.”

Star Witness

She intro-ed “this is a song about two planes and it goes like this”

Lady Pilot

She laughed that “the only would I forgot in that song was (?) but that’s how it works.”

She started Favorite but forgot how it went saying, “You know what, I just forgot how to play the song.” She tooled around a moment and said “I yell things like ‘there are only lieutenants to kill!’– oh man. I’ve never played a song more than that song.” She figured it out and said, “that won’t happen anymore” laughed and said “like Peter Brady.”


She said, “you guys are so supportive, the next song will be really good. We all played a separate chord at one point. I know that now.” Kelly was making funky growly sounds and Neko said “Kelly’s gonna have a big towel around her neck tomorrow” and then that went into somehow talking about Kelly being Gene Simmons for Halloween and she was still trying stop.

Hold On, Hold On

She said, “thanks for supporting this” and said, “anything you can contribute it helpful,” so basically if you donated “yay for you.”

They left the stage and then came back out for the encore, she noted “change is terrifying” and while I’m sure there was a connection somewhere, I missed it.

I’ll Be Around

Neko introduced the band, thanked us for letting them play, reminded us “The Nick Luca benefit is mandatory and then asked “shall we?” and was answered “yes” before launching into the final song.

John Saw That Number

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No Mas Muertes
Nick Luca
Salvador Duran

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