A Fine Frenzy – Marquee Theater, AZ

A Fine Frenzy opened the VH1 “You Oughta Know” show in Tempe last night showing off impressive vocals and distinct style. Plus there’s something to be said about the stage presence that Alison Sudol commands and her infectious smile and red hair.

Starting with You Picked Me, Alison said that it had been awhile since they had been in Tempe, about four months. She had lost track of time but we were good then and we were good now. She played Last Of Days and introduced Minnow and Trout by dedicating it to her owl that she had on her piano. “He’s not in it, but it’s in his honor. If you can’t see him back there, he’s about two inches tall and the cutest thing.”

She asked if we were “ready for a saddie” before playing Ashes and Wine. She got up from the piano to dance and sing Borrowed Time with Dax on guitar.

Back at the piano she laughed and said “it’s funny tonight, I’ve got this weird nervousness. I didn’t know why but now I do, I remember the first time out here and I was so nervous but you guys were all wonderful.”

She said that she doesn’t do this very often, but she dedicated a song to “Pammy from Rob” because “Rob loves you and not because you’re his Almost Lover but because it’s your favorite song.”

“It’s been a real pleasure being back at the Marquee,

you’re in for a great show. Brandi Carlile is incredible. I’ll be at the merch table, so if you want to get something signed or just say hi that would be lovely. I’m so babbly tonight,” she laughed and then played the last song of the night, Rangers.

Afterward, as she said she was at the merch table, being incredibly gracious and kind to everyone. Poor thing must have posed for a hundred photos, but she took the time to actually talk to everyone who came up. If you haven’t heard her yet, or if you’ve only seen her on VH1, do yourself a favor and take a listen.

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