Rilo Kiley – “Under the Blacklight”

Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley’s latest album, Under The Blacklight made it’s way onto shelves yesterday.

The whole album goes in a new direction with Jenny Lewis taking some amazing vocals and guest artists such as Jackson Browne, the album is a sweet listen. The video for Moneymaker is very oddly interesting, matching the overall feel of the album that has a slightly more “pop” sound than their past albums. Not sell-out pop, but just a touch more so that it all makes sense that the entire album is sort of happening in a club of some sort.

In that same vein, they also gain some points in the realm of cool packaging, the purple case and artwork which has a cast of characters and scenes that reappear through the booklet pull it all together. I do wish that the lyrics and “who played what wheres” were included as well.

Rilo Kiley

Best Tracks

– Silver Lining

– Breakin’ Up

– Close Call

– 15

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Website: Rilo Kiley
Photo: Autumn de Wilde
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