The New Pornographers – “Challengers”


Challengers, the latest from Canadian band The New Pornographers will hit the streets Tuesday (tomorrow).

In keeping with their sound, the twelve new tracks are clean, polished and beautiful. Tight vocals and superb songwriting make for a delightful listening experience.

The “Executive” version offers a box with three extra, though blank, discs. There are instructions inside explaining how to access the extra tracks that will eventually be burned to the CDs online.

The tracks are available in both MP3 and flac format, so audiophiles don’t worry about lost quality. B-sides, demos and alternate mixes, along with live versions and photos and video make up the extra three discs of bonus material.

The New Pornographers

Kudos to the NP for making the expanded version available at the same time as the album-only version. Nothing is more aggravating than buying a new album to have the “expanded” version released six months later and then having to buy it again.
Best tracks:
– All The Old Showstoppers
– Challengers
– Silent Systems (B-side from the expanded stuff)
– Failsafe

Download Challengers on iTunes

New Pornographers Website
Photo by Steven Dewall

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