Vegoose Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV

Who woulda thunk it? Out of sixty or so people who applied for the opportunity to take photographs at the Vegoose Music Festival for SPIN! Magazine, they’d pick me?

Festival Day One

We all met at the gates of the stadium in a cold mass. Vegas is COLD in the mornings! We sat around while Peter got us our wristbands. Green “guest” passes and silver “photo” passes. The writers got yellow “media” passes.

We got our tickets (which we never actually needed) and were taken on a tour of the press area. We listened to the press briefing, got some questions answered, were told about the press conference that would be held later, given a litany of photography rules and set free. Kellyn and I were assigned to work on the crowds first, so we started around the grounds taking pictures of people dressed up funky.

Raconteurs – Jack White is just cool. The music was super crazy loud but pretty good. I honestly don’t know much of it, mostly the White Stripes stuff, but I got some pics.

Cat Power / Chan Marshall – She kicked butt. She didn’t come out for the first song at all (which is too cool) but she did make her appearance the second song with a mug of tea, a pack of cigarettes, a lit cigarette (which she finished before singing) and a great grin.

She walked across the stage and waved to the crowds, and then went to the microphone. She looks very pretty and has an amazing voice. She was animated and looked like she was having the greatest time. She also did a lot of cute little bunny-hop dances across the stage.

Yonder Mountain String Band – Always a good time when a jam band picks up the banjos and mandolins. I always forget how much I really like them until I hear them in concert and I’m reminded once again.

Cat Power / Killers Press Conference – It was crazy packed. Lights and flashes and video cameras and reporters and microphones and wires and everything everywhere. The Killers were the main attraction but Cat was asked a lot of questions too. The cutest thing ever was when someone asked her to put together her dream festival and she said, “Bob Dylan… Otis Redding… and… and… Me!” As she left someone said they loved her and she kinda freaked and pushed through the crowd (instead of going to the back area where the Killers went), which was odd.

Tom Petty – Photo pit was swarming. No longer would being the little girl with a camera get me to the front, so I fought. We were told, first three songs for everyone but Tom who would let us stay the whole time. HA. We were kicked out after three songs anyway. So I squirmed my way back up to the front and kept shooting. He, as always, rocked. I love Tom. No Stevie, and his set list reflected this. Supposedly this was the last show of his “big” tour days… ever… so this may become an iconic to be remembered show… Who knows. His set can be seen in the photo, it was a pretty standard set, pretty standard intros to everything, honestly it was just pretty standard. But we love him anyways.

Festival Day Two: We reported, ran straight to the Band Of Horses, Built To Spill, Matt Costa and Jamie Lidell sets, which kept us hopping for the first good while.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Jenny is very cool. She had on a black dress, as did the Watsons, they came out in a triangular formation with Run Devil Run. She is just about the tiniest thing ever. The girls changed into crazy sparkle dresses that they “stole from the Tropicana,” according to Jenny. They ended with the Traveling Wilbury’s Handle With Care which was fun. I really wish I could remember more of it but we were bouncing around with the photos and the production and everything else.

Roots and Jim James were my shows to cover, so I did. Widespread Panic caused a great exodus to the main stage so I evacuated and went home, exhausted and sore.

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