Tom Petty – Glendale Arena, AZ

Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers, a southern rock band that rarely sounds like southern rock, headed by a comedic, scarecrow-looking man with approximately 3 notes in his vocal range. A band filled with men who have never had any immediate sex appeal yet still manage to weaken the knees of girls and their mothers the world over. A band that proves that anyone could be a rockstar…

Tom was about 10 minutes late to stage after John Mayer.

He started with Listen To Her Heart. He did his airplane dance into Mary Jane’s Last Dance and then asked how we were doing.

He said it was good to be here and they had a whole night of music planned so they hoped we didn’t have to be home real soon. He said, “So I think I’m gonna get on with it, as they say ‘on with the show’.”.

They played I Won’t Back Down and then Free Falling He said he was gonna take us back home with him we were such a great audience.

He said he was going to do a new song off his new album called Saving Grace. He asked the light people to light us up so he could see us and he said they’d been playing for thirty years so they put together some songs they were listening to when they put the band together and that they learned this next one from a band in England, the Yardbirds, but it was really a Bo Diddley song, I’m A Man and then they did Oh Well and Tom played his maracas.

Then he said they were gonna have a real good time, weÕre gonna do a Traveling Wilbury’s song, Handle Me With Care.

He said, “Let’s have a big hand for the Heartbreakers back here, they’re all cleaned up and spiffy for ya.” He intro-ed Scott Thurston as the Swiss Army Knife of Harmonyfunkle. Steve Faroni as his own personal jet engine and Ron Blair as the man who keeps them all together. And then he said, you know em, you love em, the co-captain, Mike Campbell. And there’s only one honorary heartbreaker, Miss Stevie Nicks!”

Stevie came out and they sang Stop Draggin My Heart Around, then I Need to Know and Tom said she’d be back later, and that he told us we were gonna have some fun tonight.

He said they were going to do a song from the Wildflowers album, and it’s called It’s Good To Be King. The next song was a song was one of his favorites from Traveling Companion called Down South.

Stevie came back out for Insider and then they did Learning To Fly, Don’t Come Around Here No More and Refugee.

Running Down A Dream was next, followed by them leaving the stage. The Encores were You Wreck Me, then Mystic Eyes.

He asked if we were ready and that he wanted us to throw our heads back and make all the noise we could. They did American Girl and then he said “Thank you, it was a pleasure, God Bless” and was gone.

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