Lindsey Buckingham – Celebrity Theater, AZ

For the first time that Lindsey’s been on the road since the early nineties without the rest of Fleetwood Mac, the “Under the Skin” album and supporting tour have been a success, bringing in fans old and new and showing that he still deserves his title of most under-rated guitarist.

The show started about ten minutes late, a forgivable delay considering the man travels with more than 130 guitars and setting even a fraction of them up can take awhile.

Though it was a Lindsey Buckingham solo show, there were the requisite number of blonde haired women in platform boots and as much black chiffon as they could rustle up for the show.

Though Stevie was not visibly present, her mother, Barbara Nicks was in the audience for about half of the show.

Instead of entering the stage from the front, as many of the artists who play the Celebrity do, Lindsey came around from the back. He went right into Not Too Late and then someone wished him a belated happy birthday before he got into Trouble.

He said, “This town has a lot of connections, all the way back to when I was a boy and we’d stay at the Camelback Inn, back when Scottsdale was a one-horse town. I spend a good deal of time here, in my memories and in the present. Stevie’s mom is here tonight, this is dedicated to her.” Stevie’s mom grinned and he played Never Going Back Again.

He played Second Hand News before introducing Cast Away Dreams, “I’m gonna do another song form the new album. Sometimes you have to give up certain things to get other things. I wrote this after a disagreement with my wife, something she was ultimately right about, it’s difficult to know when to let go.”

Before Red Rover he said, “this is a song I wrote, at the time I was pessimistic, imagining the gods looking down thinking things are not going well, maybe it’s time to pull the plug. Very dark. But it’s all how we choose to live our lives. I got to look more optimistically.”

The next set of songs went straight though with few interruptions. It Was You, Sardonic World/Go Insane, then Under The Skin.

During World Turning Taku got a drum solo, then I’m So Afraid, Tusk, the last song was Go Your Own Way.

For the encore, he played Holiday Road, then introduced the band. he noted that Neil was taken but Brett was staying at the Ritz if any single women wanted to stop by.

After he sang Show You How someone in the audience requested “Landslide” and Lindsey shot them a look like, “That’s not my song… what are you thinking?” but didn’t make any verbal comments. He finished the show off with Save Me A Place and Bleed To Love Her.

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