KT Tunstall – Marquee Theater, AZ

This was KT’s debut in Phoenix, and the very first time she’s been to Arizona. She really showed her stuff at this show. Many new stars really don’t understand how to do a show, but KT is an exception.

She was particularly funny, with a very dry sense of humor. Really the fans seemed very there too. Of course, Black Horse and a Cherry Tree got the best response, but the floor danced and had a good time the whole show. It was very varied, not too many slow songs and not too many fast ones either.

Some highlights were her taking the cowboy hat for a few moments (see pic), her comments on Tucson about how big the lunch they had was, and that a girl from Scotland should not attempt such a fast song (BH&CT) in Arizona. She had her foot pedal box thingy, which was about the coolest thing ever. It did take me quite awhile to figure out how the heck it worked though.

At any rate, this was one great show from a new artist.

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