Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins – Mesa Amphitheater, AZ

I rarely go to a show for the opening act only. Especially when the headliner is known to be an attraction for a bunch of high schoolers. For Jenny Lewis, who opened for Death Cab For Cutie, I made an exception.

Jenny opened with Run Devil Run and of course went straight into The Big Guns.

You Are What You Love was next and then Jenny said, “Thank you so much. I’m Jenny Lewis and these are the Watson Twins over here. We’re so stoked to be opening for our friends, Death Cab For Cutie. Thanks for watching us.”

The next song was Happy and after this, the girls all left and the guys did a solo set of rotations then John did the introductions. The girls came back out in their fancy sparkly dresses as they were called.

They sang a new song called Fernando (video to the right) and Jenny said, “Thanks for that. Anyone here called Fernando? That’s sorta for you.”

Rise Up With Fists was next, followed by a new song which was a duet with John, then Handle With Care the Traveling Wilbury’s cover.

Then was a “love story between a mother and a son, When Jack Killed Mom

They finished with Born Secular and had no encore or anything. The majority of the audience did not know who she was, but at the same time, they did a good show and I’m sure made some converts that day.

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