Cyndi Lauper & Jill Sobule – Celebrity Theater, AZ

Opener was Jill Sobule, she played Margaret, I Kissed A Girl, Cinnamon Park, she also sang a great song called Where Is Bobbi Gentry? and so forth.

Cyndi did sing a few songs with her. It was weird though, when Cyndi was on stage, someone asked her about her son and she spent a good deal of time talking about how he was and how he was at the age where he was too cool for his parents and that he was only eight and that she had taken him on the road with her before.

Cyndi’s set started in the dark, with her cloaked in black shawls and some very soft music playing. Since the stage was dark, we couldn’t see her, but we didn’t know to look for her at all. The lights were hit and suddenly the music started up and Cyndi ripped off the black to show her outfit and started singing That’s What I Think.

She played her recorder and then went straight into What’s Going On. Her outfit consisted of a red/burgundy shirt with an orangeish boho style vest and black jeans. She also had on a black beret and black high-heeled, closed toed shoes.

She took off her shoes during the second song, and said, “How are you doing? Sorry about the opening, I assumed that the lights would be on the stage, call me crazy. I shoulda brought a flashlight.”

She said about her shoes, “I really tried, I just can’t do it. Isn’t Jill great?” She tried to locate some water, but wasn’t able to. She said, “I had a tough time flying today with my lipstick. Everything is dry, it was 8 hours at the end of it.”

She said that she thought she’d share that detail and then started introducing the next song, “This is off of the Body Acoustic and it’s different because I got to play. Much to the (something) of my past managers.” She had some trouble and she got pretty upset at the sound but sang All Through The Night, took her vest off and kept going.

Someone shouted something from the set list and she commented, “Well, at least someone is reading the set list. “

She had blisters on her feet, as someone else pointed out and she noted that her “shoes kinda messed em up”. She told us about a festival tour she was working on, that it would be the first of its kind and that it was for families to celebrate each other.

She mentioned that she was trying to get Deborah Harry and others to join in but didn’t have anything official. She laughed about having drag queens and something French there.

She said, “when I was pregnant, and lying around like a beached whale, I got letters and I tried to return them all, but then they started piling up. I want my boy to live in a different world. She sang True Colors.

She went straight into the next song, saying “this is a song about safe sex.” She sang She Bop and played her guitar, and tried to get a sing-a-long going but not as hard as she tried in Denver, and it was a much rockier version than the French torch song she had tried on the At Last tour.

She did a mic check and said “Maybe this is a bad place to stand (looked at sound guy). This song is for brothers and sisters everywhere.” Iko Iko was sung and then by this time she had amassed a large variation of flowers, to which she joked that perhaps “I ought to open a flower shop!”

She wished someone who shouted out that it was their birthday a Happy Birthday and went into Sisters Of Avalon and then Girls Just Wanna Have Fun during which she did a few crowd walks (the spinning stage apparently was messing with her), she also got up on the piano and sang from there. She got a lot of singing along and involvement from the audience too. She also got up on the piano, which then was hard to get off of.

She said that this was a new song that was called Stay With Me from the CD coming out this fall (I don’t know about this CD) and it goes like this.

She did Other Side Of Me. She talked about how she had some songs that were lesser known and that the record companies never understood.

She babbled a little more and then sang Shine and she added at the end, “when I was growing up, this (held her fist up in the air) meant power.”

She did Change Of Heart next and then she got off the stage, went to someone in the audience, heard a story, got back up on stage, used a balloon and throat spray then said that she was going to do a special request. She did Here To Love You but couldn’t remember the words, as she was getting fed them by the piano player. She said that she felt really bad.

She got a drawing from a fan, and she asked if it was the girl. The girl said no, it was Cyndi and she said, “Oh, that’s great.”

She sang Time After Time and then brought Jill out again. She started another ramble then, she said how she was thinking of things. Her mom loved French things, French impressionists and French was chic(k), that’s right chick. Her mother had never finished High School so it was very important that Cyndi took French and how her Aunt Gloria was always around and how she’d buy the paint by numbers. She said it was important to remember what our parents taught us and that her mother had tried to explain sex to her from a book and that it didn’t make any sense and Cyndi had always figured that “what the hell, she was like Mary” and then the girl down the street, Rosemary had gotten pregnant and anyway she had gone to a Catholic school and to confessional and that she’d pick the line that was the shortest and then how she dug the black that the nuns and the widows wore and how one time she saw this widow wearing all black and didn’t know why she was crying but she decided to not go to that confessional and then how in school when she was little and didn’t know any better there were these two sisters and one of them was named Rosealyn and the other was Carmen, and that Carmen was the really goody goody one but Rosealyn was a slut and she’d pop her collar and roll her skirt up and everything and that she told Cyndi to go up to the nun and ask if they went swimming and if so why didn’t the cardboard in their hats get wet. And Cyndi did, then Rosealyn told her to ask the nun if she got her period. Cyndi did that too, and she was ousted from Catholic school. They also said that they tried to keep her back because she had ADHD, that’s ADD in High Definition, but she was a good singer so they tried to see if they could get her put up for adoption so that she could have lessons but money won’t change your heart, only what you eat. They sang some song, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell you which one. Then it was over.

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