Bruce Springsteen – Glendale Arena, AZ

This show had to be the #1 underpromoted show in the history of shows. I only found out about it in the Newtimes, on Thursday night. I got my ticket on eBay for a grand total of $15.50. I guess scalpers thought it would be a more popular show… guess not. Show day it was still possible to get 8 tickets on the floor at a time.

The two most common things heard in the GA entry line… “There’s no seats? I paid EXTRA to stand??!!” and “Is this show with the E-Street Band?” There were, though several people who did have their act together and knew what was going on.

The show started a full HOUR late. The latest that I’ve ever seen a show start. I have no idea what was keeping him, but finally at 8:30, Alison Krauss’ “Down To The River To Pray” came on and then Bruce and band promptly filled out. And it was a band. Sixteen members including brass, accordion, two fiddles, piano, dobro… like a good ole fashioned hootenanny.

Highlights from the show include mentions of Jackson Browne, many rousing sing-alongs, a bone chilling version of Bring ‘Em Home, a touching version of When The Saint’s Go Marching In and My City Of Ruins dedicated to New Orleans and lots and lots of dancing. It was a really choice show, that’s for sure.

The show lasted a little over 2 1/2 hours, which was nice that he didn’t end early just because they started late.

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