Bonnie Raitt & Keb’ Mo’ – Cricket Amphitheater, AZ

Keb Mo came out precisely at 7:30, as per show time. He played his half hour set and then looked like “crap, Bonnie’s not here yet… I have to stall, I have no idea what to play” so he fuddled through it and kept playing. FINALLY Bonnie bopped out from the backstage area around 8:30ish.

She said “I Love you, I love this man (referring to Keb) and they sang Whenever You Call and then Bonnie said, “thanks to United, I got here about five minutes before I went on with Keb, but this is a song I like…” They sang another song…

Bonnie came on for her official set at precisely 8:57. She almost immediately started out with Roadrunner and then said, “Thank you Phoenix. This one’s off the new record.”

Two Lights In the Nighttime was next and she used “Keb Mo, you know it’s true” for the second time through. She also flubbed some lines and then at the end she said, “George , the birthday boy! You look good, eighty looks good on you! We’re so happy to be here!” She said that they had left California, where we’ve got a lotta music people and family. Now we can have some fun, the pressure’s off.

God Was In the Water was next with the fairly standard intro about New Orleans and such. She did add, “While we were in New Orleans in the swamp, we found John Clearly in the bog. What a great solo.”

For the next song she started, but messed up and said, “No you (George) you start. I wasn’t here to give you your spanking. You look pretty good for 80.” Then she said, “Bobby this is for you,” and sang Unnecessarily Mercenary.

After which she did some band intros talking about how her drummer is from the Rutles, and George was 80 and then said, “They’re swell guys. We made it through California in one piece, I think. I hate to say it, but on this tour we’re just ripping em out. This song was cut on a live album a while ago, Road Tested, and it’s for any fools in love out there, we’re all fools up here. That’s why we’re up here, in this tribal gathering for us.”

She sang, Matters Of The Heart and then said, “it’s so nice and peaceful with this balance going on over to the piano. Thank you so much. “

She went over to the piano and the mic was a little too high for her, she said, “Can I make this a little lower, (she adjusted it) and then she said, “That’s better, Just like Goldilocks, this one’s just right” she smirked “I came here last fall (well, actually February) and sang this for my parents. We should always remember where we came from. They got old and then never complained about how they were health-wise but they just wished they would have taken care of themselves a little better, unlike us… my generation. Mark Gray, this ones for you and your mom and dad. See you after the show.”

She sang, Nick Of Time and then that segued into John’s song. They hugged and she thanked John and all of us out there.

She got up to her mic again and joked that they were “dodging the insects up here… and we’re ready for the blues.” She picked up her guitar and said, “Manny, can you bring me my brown strat? That’d be nice, no the other one. Ok. Us women are crazy. (Manny brought the guitar)
She said, “Standing up to the test, Manny Alverez. After being on this tour, your wife must look real good. Never changes her mind or yells at you. You have to put up with such a mercurial gal. Let’s tune you up.”

She told her standard Sippy story and then sang, Woman Be Wise watching John most of the time, saying “Oh yeah, in those green shoes…”

“We’re gonna do something I think you’ll liked. We’re gonna sing this one for Willie Nelson who got off with a misdemeanor down in Louisiana (Willie had recently gotten busted for possession in Louisiana). American has changed. Sometimes it don’t seem like it though. Like us, we’re doing, he’s also running his trucks off biodiesel. Helping the farmers. Willie, wherever you are, red heads rock on!” She sang, Jody and Chico.

She flubbed some more lines and at the end of the song, she said, “George, I looked over and your glistening hair in the lights I lost my place.”

She made some reference to the fact that Steppenwolf was coming and she had seen them on PBS and that the great things about getting older is that you can’t see as well anymore and so everyone looks great.” She said, “I’ve been through lots of bad loves, mostly my own fault. I hope I don’t have to be flopping around no more. She sang, I Will Not Be Broken.

Then she said that she thought that maybe “John Clearly is over there kicking in his stall. We all had a weekend off and we all got a little, except for birthday boy – sorry George – we’ll be home soon. I’d like to sing this one for the self control of my band. Something to Talk About.

She said,”Hey Danny, put the lights on them, I wanna see their dancing. They look good. ” She sang I Believe I’m in Love With You and after the song a fan handed up a burgundy tunic style shirt. She said, “And for that I got a great shirt” and looked very excited actually. She left the stage the then the crowd started screaming.


Bonnie and Jackson

She came out again and said, “We love this kind of music, We do. I’m gonna sing a down one, then we’re gonna party. I found some interesting specimens backstage. I may have to drag ’em out. I put this song in a special spot because it’s hard to recover from but it’s easier than recovering in real life. I Can’t Make You Love Me.

She said, “Thank you Arizona. I want to welcome back to the stage, Keb Mo!” Keb came out and she said “Oh, take me, I’m yours” and started right into Love Letters singing “sitting in front of his house” and indicating Keb. They went right into 634-5789 and she bowed to Keb and then she told us to get ready for a surprise… JACKSON BROWNE!!!!!!!!

Jackson came out in all of his wonderful glory saying that “I’ve had this date in my calendar for three months but the problem is that in my calendar this show as in LA.” Bonnie said, “I guess United Airlines wanted it in LA, but they’re nice people though.”

They did World In Motion They said it was time to make a change and that they could feel it. Jackson said, “This song is another one about change, written by Little Steven, from the E Street Band and the Sopranos.” Patriot. Then Bonnie said, “I got the wrong guitar. Manny. “

She spent the better part of the next moment getting a new guitar because Manny was busy attending to Jackson. They sang Never Make Your Move Too Soon and her and Jackson kept bumping hips. We were told to keep working for peace and that they loved us and they did a group bow and Bonnie wiggled her butt Jackson and they played footsie during such. She said “God bless, good bye”.

The crowd wasn’t letting them go that easy. We chanted and screamed and cheered and everything until they came back out. Bonnie said, “We may not be back for awhile so we’re gonna sing a John Prine song we didn’t do last time. He’d be happy to know we’re singing it, he’s a national treasure, John is.” They did Angel From Montgomery, Bonnie got first verse, Jackson got second (he was such a sport on the when I was a young girl part) and then Keb got the third (he changed the cussing though because he could I guess) and then they were done for real.

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