Bonnie Raitt – Dodge Theater, AZ

Whoo, Bonnie rocked the house! Her opener was good, very… Irish, which is to be expected. You can check him out at And I shall take this moment to recognize his wonderful glasses.

Bonnie came out around 8:45, opening with Unnecessarily Mercenary. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the new album, but does it ever rock live?? She said she was “knocked out that you came” which leads me to believe that she’s been hanging out too much with a certain other rock star who recently did a live version of “Circle Dance.”

She then went to her water bottle and couldn’t get the screw top back on, to which she said “I’ll sing the next song, once I figure out how to get this screw top back on, but I don’t know why I’m bothering… I’ll just have to take it off again, kinda like my clothes.”

She introduced her band after God Was In The Water and mentioned that her drummer was in the Rutles (a Monty Pyton spoof of the Beatles), which was spurred because she said she had “John (Cleary), Paul (Brady), George (Marinelli), and Ringo.”

Anyway, she suggested that we should see it, because it was funny, and she assumed none of us had, by the utter lack of response from the audience. I felt old, I knew what she was taking about, and I was one of the youngest people (actually, the youngest person) that I saw there. She continued on about how it was just like Valentine’s Day all over again.

Someone asked if she had a good one and she grinned and said “Yeah, I had a good one, I got a grin on my face that won’t be gone in a week.” Then she asked for her licorice tea and someone brought it out to her. She felt it was necessary to add that she was “wearing her Valentine’s present, but we wouldn’t get to see it.”

She played Green Light somewhere in here too.

After a few gulps of tea, she played I Will Not Be Broken which she dedicated to her second cousin (Mark?) and said that it was her 19th anniversary of being sober that day and that he had really helped her out during that time.

She also said that she was glad to be healthy and going strong. Then, she went over to the piano and played Nick Of Time with John. I have to admit, I did not understand that song until I saw her play it live. I always knew the words, but it changed it so much just seeing her face. She dedicated it to her parents.

Before the song, she joked about how if we wanted to know what they did before shows, they had been playing ska and reggae versions of old Hollie’s tunes. Just for our information.

She went back to the guitar for Crooked Crown by Maia Sharp, who she determined was a “well-adjusted” person, even though it was a pretty twisty song. She then said, “You may thing I’m pretty normal… HA!” (Imagine the biggest belly laugh possible). She then quipped that she was a “pretty twisty gal” but not to worry because she’d “be getting her spanking later”.

She wished some lady a happy birthday, and announced that 50 is when it starts getting good. Then, some people shouted out if she would sign their albums (which they had given to Paul Brady). That was not taken well, and she said that she didn’t have albums for everyone and that they were so close, so they should just live in the moment, and feel lucky they weren’t in the nosebleed seats.

She then went into a song that they “pulled out from the woods” and she hadn’t sang since the “last decade.” It was Jody and Chico which blissed me out, because I love that song. George had a mandolin on it, which rocked. She couldn’t remember the chord progression though, which caused her to go, “Oh, shit” off mic. (That phrase seemed to be the chosen phrase of the night as she said it quite often, always off-mic).

She did Woman Be Wise too, mentioning how Sippy Wallace wrote it.

Then Paul Brady came out, and they played Luck Of The Draw and I’m Not The Only One which she said “This is a love song for my baby, he’s not here tonight but I know he’ll be listening.”

The next song was Two Lights In The Nighttime which she couldn’t remember a vast majority of the words. After the song, she joked, “I guess the only thing I can retain is water”.

She also said that they should use that song on “American Idol” and then launched into how glad she was that Kelly Clarkson won the Grammy, and asked if we had seen the shout-out that Kelly gave her.

She said that she had her own Cinderella story and that she already had enough Grammys. Then she went into Trinkets, which she introduced by saying that it was about her favorite city, New Orleans and that she knew it’d be back. After the song, she simply said, “That was for Lowell.” (George, of Little Feat).

Before she sang The Bed I Made she said, “Thank goodness everyone has heartbreak, or I’d be out of a job.”

She sang Matters of the Heart somewhere in the setlist too, but I don’t know where. She left us with Something To Talk About and for the first time, had everyone up and dancing (in the aisle, I got up to the stage, whoo!)

Then she left the stage and security ushered us all back. She came out again and sang “Love Letter” and then asked us (we had spilled back out into the aisle) to return to our seats (which, oddly, everyone did) and then she played a slow song.

She finally closed with two songs, that I didn’t know, they were covers from people who had died recently. I can’t recall who… sorry. With that, she did a final bow and went off, 105 minutes after she started.

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