Stevie Nicks – Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO

Wow, what an amazing concert. I got the tickets for my birthday, and they were fabulous. Front row center… at Red Rocks… which for any of you who are unaware, is the most fabulous concert venue in the world…

Anyway, what made it even cooler, is that it was almost exactly to the day, two years since I first saw Fleetwood Mac in Phoenix. We arrived at the venue about a half hour before the opener (Vanessa Carlton) was set to go on. I bought a t-shirt and we found our seats, and got wristbanded. Wrist bands make front row SO much easier!

Vanessa came on right about 7:30, and she played for about forty-five minutes. She was good, I was not very familiar with her music, but she did a great job with just her and her piano. She seemed very happy to be playing Red Rocks and was quite chatty. After a short intermission, the Bootylicious song came on, followed by the Dreams Remix.

Suddenly, there she was, on the side of the stage, ready to walk on. I watched Stevie as she came almost to the edge of the stage and waved. Our seats put us RIGHT in front of her. She had to hustle back to her mic for Enchanted.

She went almost right into the next song (my set list is sketchy). She also did Bonnie Raitt’s Circle Dance and a Led Zeppelin song. Anyways, the show was amazing, we were so close.

When Edge Of Seventeen was next, I somehow floated to the little rail and secured myself a spot. The drums started and there it was. When it was time for the rush, she went right up to the rail, so instead of handshakes and stuff, it was easy to reach right over and give her a hug.

And that’s just what I got, when she came up to the girl next to me, I prepared to not let her by, but at the same time, to not drag her into anything. Luckily I didn’t have to and when she came to me she just reached right over and gave me a hug. Kristin also got a hug and all was wonderful. The rest of the night was like a dream.

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