Mindy Smith, Arlo Guthrie & John Prine – Chatfield Music Festival, CO

Mindy Smith came on the stage. I wasn’t actually aware of who she was, except for the girl who did the cover of Jolene (which she opened with) but she won me over during her set with songs like Raggedy Ann and One Moment More and Come To Jesus. After the show, she did a meet and greet, so I went over there and said hi and we had a little discussion about Nashville’s rules and she signed my CD.

Another hour after she finished (so about 3) Arlo Guthrie came on, starting with Alice’s Restaurant which took a good twenty minutes. He sang This Land Is My Land, This Land Is Your Land, but he paused in the middle of it to tell a real long story about Joseph and his coat (but not Dolly’s version with many colors, but about the dreams and him becoming important in history). I don’t honestly remember what else he played, because the two songs I do remember took so long. If I remember, I will post them. He also had some choice words for our President, and aired these during Alice’s Restaurant to a crowd of roaring approval.

Arlo got cut short, however, because of rain, so he only played for about half an hour. John Prine came on shortly afterwards, opening with an unfamiliar song, then he had a song which he said the President had requested… not directly, but he requested it just the same. With that he went into Flag Decal. He played a long time, he played many songs that I recognized, and some that I didn’t. He played the Steve Goodman song, “Souviners” and a song about little pitchers having big ears, and fishing in heaven, and two lakes and some songs about his wife, and a song about a man whose wife ragged on him while he went to the other side of town in his mind and a duet with Mindy and he pulled out an electric gui-tar, which I was informed that he rarely uses.

I was very impressed with his vocal quality, because I don’t particularly care for him on album (like Angel From Montgomery, which he sang, and dedicated to Bonnie Raitt). However, even with all his medical problems and everything, he was great. Both he and Arlo were funny, and Mindy was very sweet.

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