Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue – Fillmore, CO

Wow… this show was amazing…

Two or three minutes later, the lights went down and out they came. They opened with Hello Stranger, and then went right into To Know Him Is To Love Him, during which, Emmylou did some introductions.We were right up front, just to the side of Emmylou and Patty. TKHITLH Then Emmylou explained that they would have no intermission and they’d rotate through sets. Hers was first, and she started with Red Dirt Girl.

Then she did some other stuff from Stumble Into Grace, Strong Hand and something else. Next up was Buddy Miller, who was fantastic. He started the place a-rockin.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings were up next. The crowd was great, and their last song, which was I’ll Fly Away (from the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack… they sang Didn’t Leave No One But The Baby inbetween Buddy and Gillian and David’s sets which was great because the girls blend so well and it was super funny because poor Patty didn’t quite know the words and Emmy kept pointing to where they were on the lyric sheet for her) and the whole crowd got really into it, just singing along with abandon.
Other songs they did were, Elvis Presley Blues, and One Little Song.

Finally, Patty was up. She started with Top of The World, which just finally made an album this year.

Then she sang Making Pies (she was like, “You know, I feel like singing about pie.”) and also Poor Man’s House (which she had a hard time remembering at first) and then Long Ride Home and Mary (with Emmylou).

They brought out everyone again and the Sweet Harmony Travelling Revue was singing the Band’s The Weight. Emmylou was getting into it, and everyone was rocking. Then they left the stage, and the stomping began. There was no way on God’s green earth that they were not gonna do an encore, so out they came.

Emmylou and Patty both looked like “Wow, they really love us… huh…” and especially Patty, I don’t think she realized what a following she has in Denver.

They did Boulder To Birmingham (which of course, Emmylou can’t not play in Denver) and that was beautiful, although not rehearsed all that well. Then they did the Byrd’s Turn, Turn, Turn and Six Days on the Road.

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