Jackson Browne – Chatfield Music Festival, CO

Wow, this show was amazing. It was held at Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield, but it meant that it was at a venue that had never hosted a concert before. This made things a little disorganized, but not that bad.

Willie and Lobo came out about an hour after we got there. They are a world beat-y type of duo, HIGHLY talented these folk are… you can visit their website at willieandlobo.com. They played for about an hour, and they had a lot of songs about gypsies. Happiness, then they had a meet and greet at the information desk.

Nanci Griffith was up next. She was absolutely amazing. She’s like taking Joni Mitchell’s lyrics, with Emmylou Harris’s guitar, with Bonnie Raitt’s politicalness, with Stevie Nicks’s skirts and putting them all in one person. And then added a huge twist of coolness and individuality. She certainly gained a fan.

She played some songs I did know, some songs I didn’t and really made me get up and dance.

Some other points to remember about the show was that Jackson played two Warren Zevon songs, Poor Poor Pitiful Me (which I LOVE) and Mutineer (which I had never actually remembered listening to, although I know I have because I knew the

words…). He also sang Bob Marley’s Redemption Song and the Eagle’s Peaceful, Easy Feeling after a discussion about how in California they wanted him to play that, but only because they thought he was an Eagle, and because it has the line “I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight” and they were in the desert. He told a hilarious story about different translations of Take It Easy and David Lindley (who was in town, but did not show :-(…) Jackson also pulled an Elaine and picked up a cute little baby from the audience. However, he asked first, “Will he freak out if I go over there and pick him up?” and then he talked a little about his boys. He also told a story about Shape Of A Heart while he was waiting for chick to shut-up, and about My Stunning Mystery Companion. He played Here Come Those Tears Again in a county way. That was beautiful. He’s still an incredible artist and nowhere near to showing his age. Though there is that beard, it makes his face look older that necessary. But his hair is FABULOUS, still. He mentioned how he doesn’t have to dye it much, he just keeps moving the part.

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