Cyndi Lauper – Denver Pavilions, CO

It was near 9 before Cydni took the stage.

She opened with At Last. It was very good, she had on a suit with a red shirt and she had a hat on but she took it off.

Shine was next and she came down into the audience and people were like crowding around.

Change of Heart was before Stay. Before Stay she told a little story about her Aunt Gloria and how she wore red lipstick and fabulous mu-mus and how she played Latin music at family functions. She also talked about her cousin and how she played rock’n’roll records and somewhere in the middle of the Latin and Rock was where the version of Stay. She also mentioned that they made creme brulee without the creme, because they were burnt marshmallows.

I left during Eventually because it was getting a little claustrophobic.

Walk On By was the rock version.

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood got a great crowd reaction.

She Bop just confused the audience. She did the French version and tried it like a torch song and the audience got so lost, because we didn’t get the tune to sing along to. Cyndi cut it after one verse, and was all like “Let’s rock now” or something before Sisters of Avalon which the whole crowd just ate up.

I Drove All Night was happy and at the end it looked like two headlights because the lights went down and the lights on the drums shone out. Very cool effect. Boy Blue was the a capella request before True Colors which got a very odd reaction from the crowd. Normally its a very quiet song and very deep and touching, but Denver people just whooped and hollered around with it and when she brought out the flag, even more people started to whoop and holler. All Through The Night had a different intro that I expected, but it was still happy.

At this point, some lady in the crowd yelled out “I love you Cyndi!”. It was hilarious because before this other men had done the same thing and Cyndi was all, “You love my music” or “You don’t really know me” or “We could never share a bathroom counter, the cosmetics alone would kill you.” but this time she got all like “Well, when I was young we had this room painted orchid and olive green and how it had a built in bookshelf and they had like the Reader’s Digest version of of Michelangelo’s the “Agony and Ecstasy” but it was mostly the agony. Then she went to the point of it was around the time that “Revolver” came out and that she went to listening to the Monkees and how she had a crush on Davey Jones and met him at this party and they ran around on the beach and she became an unwed mother and she thought mean things about him and then she was like “Cyn, wake up, this is a DAYDREAM” and all this stuff about how she met him and everything. Then after like about seven minutes, she finally jumped into It’s Hard To Be Me.

Money Changes Everything got a huge welcome. The encore was Time After Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She brought Taylor Dayne out for Time After Time and she didn’t really get the words and then she said goodbye and all was good. But during GJWHF Cyndi tried to get us to sing along and it took us a long time to get it figured out so she was all like “This is a singalong, I sing a line and you sing a line” and then we got it.

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