Jackson Browne – Fiddler’s Green, CO

Looking back on the second round of Jackson Browne shows in 2003.

Well, this show was a little different than the first attempt at seeing him. It was at Fiddler’s Green, which is a lot larger and not as nice as Red Rocks, but still outdoors. We didn’t have to be there until 7:00 though, because we had reserved seats.

After the Red Rocks incident we had to exchange our tickets for new ones. This process proved to be harder for some that others, the radio DJ claiming that “People are figuring out their Rubik’s cubes before they do their Jackson Browne tickets.” It was that the Red Rocks people had gotten special reserved seats held and they could trade in their Red Rocks ticket stubs for one reserved seat or two lawn seats. (There is a part of Fiddler’s that is grassy and general admission). It really wasn’t that hard, you just had to go down to the box office to do it.

We didn’t end up with front row (at least not yet) but seats on the far right of row GGG which is about row 7. Keb Mo was first at about 7:10, and this man, he REEKS coolness.

About 8:30, Jackson came out. He was wearing the same blue flannel shirt and grey sweat-type pants that he was at Red Rocks. He looked very comfy, and pretty darn good for being 53 years old. His hair, is extraordinary and beautiful and his fingers…

I don’t really remember the set list too well, but he did For Everyman and For A Dancer as requests, it was very human jukeboxy like of him. When the crowd screamed For Everyman he turned around and had to ask his band if they knew the song. Hee hee!

After about an hour and a half of music, he said “You girls out there dancing, wanna come up front? Don’t worry about the guys in green shirts.” and he sorta pointed in my direction and at a few other girls who were standing.

Anyway, he did a TON of encores, I think four or five. Including Red Necked Friend in which he said “Colorado” instead of “Allrighto” and Patriot.

Other highlights of the night were Doctor My Eyes, Running On Empty, For Everyman and These Days.

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